All Systems Operational
This is AKLWEB HOST LLC's status page, here you'll find the current status and incident history of AKLWEB HOST LLC.
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Web Hosting Operational
Hosting Server Node Operational
Node.js Operational
Mail Server Node Operational
Database Server Node Operational
DNS Server Node Operational
Our Network Operational
KCPL 77698-7 Network Line Operational
Milan, Italy 96232 Network Line Operational
Amsterdam - NL 7455 Network Line Operational
LACA 745 Network Line Operational
MFL 8547 Network Line Operational
NYCM 859 Network Line Operational
Global Backbone Operational
Core Services Operational
Client Area System Operational
Billing API Node Operational
HDD EU cPanel Server Node Operational
CloudLinux Server Node Operational
SSD Plesk Server Node Operational
Storage Area Operational
Kup User Backup Server Operational
Amanda Backup Administrator Server Operational
Dirvish Backup Server Operational
Duplicati Backup Server Operational
Data Centers Operational
Milan, Italy DC Operational
Amsterdam - NL DC Operational
KC SSAE 16 Type II DC Operational
LACA SSAE 16 Type II DC Operational
MFL SSAE 16 Type II DC Operational
NYCM SSAE 16 Type II DC Operational
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